Food Fights and Frugal Finds: Eggnog Is Delicious

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Food Holidays and Frugal Finds

  • 12/30: National Bacon Day?
    • My understanding was that National Bacon Day was in August, but if Wendy’s wants to sell us junior bacon cheeseburgers for a penny, who am I to argue? The JBC is my go-to at Wendy’s, so I might just go do this! (App or online ordering is required.) This is good through January 2nd. It is the only National Bacon Day deal I’m seeing.
  • 1/2/2024: National Buffet Day
    • I’m suspicious that this is merely a way to get rid of leftover food at restaurants. Regardless, popular buffet eateries like Cici’s Pizza and Old Country Buffet might have deals. I haven’t seen anything yet.
  • 1/4/2024: National Spaghetti Day
    • No news about deals so far; however, in previous years, Rosati’s Pizza, Olive Garden, Buca di Beppo, and Noodles and Co. have had deals.
  • App-Based Deals
  • Other Foodstuffs

Drink the Eggnog

  • Today is National “Get on the Scales” Day, and to that I say, “Fuck you, Diet Culture.” Our relationship to mavity gravity need not be made a national fucking holiday.
  • I’m an eggnog lover. I didn’t discover this until my 30s because no one else in my family likes it. This might be why (I think I just became a Tommy Siegel fan):

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