Food Fights and Frugal Finds: Supper or Dinner?

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Food Holidays and Frugal Finds

The dearth of food holiday deals continues, and I’m learning this is normal for this time of year. I’ll be curious to see when they start up again. But I’m still gonna tell you about the food holidays this week because they amuse me.

  • Saturday, 12/23 is National Bake Day. I think that’s a holiday out of necessity.
    • It’s also National Pfeffernuesse Day. That means I just learned what pfeffernuesse is. I’m thinking a trip to Kalona, Iowa is in order! String Town is an INCREDIBLE place for food lovers and cooks!
  • Sunday, 12/24 is National Egg Nog Day, which I may have to save for next week’s food fight.
  • Monday, 12/25 is National Pumpkin Pie Day . . . somehow.
    • It’s also National “Kiss the Cook” Day, and if you aren’t kissing your cook on that other popular holiday, you’re a Grinch, which I am, so welcome to the club! Stay over in your corner. We aren’t friends.
  • Tuesday, 12/26 is National Candy Cane Day, so I guess eat up those candy canes. There are candy canes hanging from my parents’ dining room light fixture. They’ve been there for several years. That’s how much we like candy canes.
  • Wednesday, 12/27 is National Fruitcake Day. That’s also a solid (heh) opportunity for a food fight.
  • Thursday, 12/28 is National Box of Chocolates Day, Forrest.
  • Lastly, Friday, 12/29 is National Pepper Pot Day! I had no idea this existed, and it brings me a lot of joy. I don’t know if it’s supposed to be the pepper pot I grew up with, but it’s, like, the national dish of Guyana. Let me address your two immediate questions:
    • Where’s Guyana?
      • Guyana is a small country in South America on the northeast coast. It’s east of Venezuela, north of Brazil, and west of Suriname.
    • Why do I care about Guyana?
      • One of my parents is from there!
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This Section Is Not Edible

  • Blogging is a never-ending experiment, which is why you might’ve noticed another name change and switch in content. I’ve removed the reading-related section, which will likely begin as a separate blog post. And I’ve added the food fight. Because why not? The internet loves arguing about food. In fact, the dinner vs. supper debate was a suggestion from a reader. So, thank you to that person twice over!
  • Turns out, there actually is a difference between supper and dinner. We stan Merriam-Webster.
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