Things that Brought me Joy This Week

Joy: Angela, my sister's foster kitten

This feature does what it says on the tin in the title: I want to identify joyful things in my life because joy keeps me sane. For me, joy includes things that make me smile or laugh, as well as things that make me feel seen, appreciated, accomplished, present, and connected.

I easily forget about and gloss over things that bring me joy, and I don’t want to take those things for granted anymore.

I’ll come up with a clever title for this later, but for now, I wanted to get it published before some horrid bit of reality chased it away.

I hope this feature encourages you to do something similar, even if it means mentioning one thing in the comments that recently brought you joy. (Please do!)

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Supreme Beings of Leisure’s “Contender” and “It Takes a Girl”

While the impetus for both songs can certainly be depressing, knowing that others are thinking the same things makes me feel so very connected. I see you, Ms. Geri and fam. 💚


Cute Things

My coworker on Wednesday: Mr. Wellington Waddle Wigglebottom the Warmie! Yes, he’s named after Wellington from Shedd Aquarium in Chicago.

My joy: Warmie stuffed penguin

Personal Joy

  • Not leaving the house for four days, especially with eight inches of new snow.
  • Pics from my fam including foster kittens! It’s Angela’s ears for me (featured photo from MD Girls Consulting). (Save lives at Safe Paws!)

Reads and Podcasts

  • Off the Grid, which has never made me feel more seen regarding my relationship with social media
  • Fool for Love by Marie Force, which made me cringe a lot at first, but I cannot stop reading it! TW // The main female character essentially sexually coerces the main male character, so be warned of that.
  • David Sedaris’ Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls would easily have been canceled had it come out last year rather than ten years ago, but that’s only if people can’t be bothered to keep reading. I’ll never not love David Sedaris’ writing.

Quotations of Joy

  • My friend, Devon, said she was “renovating” her brain, and I just love that!
  • My friend, Ellis, who regularly says the best stuff: “Whiskey makes me feel like a dragon.”

Body Joy

  • I noticed a pattern in how much powdered fiber lowers my blood sugar!
  • I have a hard time admitting this, but I love doing aquatic workouts in a warm pool. Basically, warmth-gravity=happy me!
  • Finally acknowledging that walking for exercise doesn’t work for me.


Snow-covered trees and Exile Brewing’s Snowglobe decor because if we’re gonna have to deal with winter, let’s at least make it pretty.

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