Things that Brought me Joy This Week, Vol. 2

This feature does what it says on the tin in the title: I want to identify joyful things in my life because joy keeps me sane. For me, joy includes things that make me smile or laugh, as well as things that make me feel seen, appreciated, accomplished, present, and connected.

I easily forget about and gloss over things that bring me joy, and I don’t want to take those things for granted anymore.

I hope this feature encourages you to do something similar, even if it means mentioning one thing in the comments that recently brought you joy. (Please do!)

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Anesti Danelis‘ “I’m So Tired”

I love that he developed this into a single.


  • Bite Club’s lavender extract, which I’ve been putting in my hot chocolate.
Joy: Lavender extract from Bite Club

Cute Things

  • Walter’s ear over his eye. We love our stuffed animals in this house, and this guy is the star of the show. That being said, we do not need any more stuffed animals. They’ve taken over the bed. (No, seriously. Of the nine stuffed creatures in our bedroom, we’ve only purchased two.) I’m not a Warmies affiliate yet, but I’m trying!
Joy: Walter Warmie Wigglebottom

Personal Joy

  • I received kind words and an opportunity from a long-time writer, educator, and colleague who I’ve always admired. I won’t share because they’re for me, but it feels incredible!

Reads and Podcasts

Body Joy

  • This fuckin’ thing that forces me to be in a better mood, which I kinda hate but also need and appreciate.
Joy: My new light therapy lamp

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