Food Fights and Frugal Finds: Popcorn Superiority

bucket of popcorn in close up photography

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Food Holidays and Frugal Finds

Popcorn Adjacent? Kinda?

Hubster has been watching the Star Wars mythology in timeline order, so I had a good laugh when I saw that Geeky Sex Toys did a limited drop of their Vibe Saber. Remember to use wholedamnwoman5 for 5% off, which would save you over $12 on this beauty.

Other Foodstuffs

  • Apparently, it’s National Soup Month. As a member of the two-person Sassy Soup Sluts, I say yay!
  • I want a footlong Cinnabon churro. And a footlong pretzel. Basically, I like long things.
  • Has anyone ever eaten at an Effin Egg? Is it worth it? Should I learn how to franchise a restaurant to open one in my hometown? Because I love that name and eggs.
  • Melting Pot and Omaha Steaks are partnering for National Cheese Lover’s Day. I’m genuinely uncertain how to feel about this.
  • I was approved to be an affiliate for Try the World. Thing is . . . I’ve never tried anything from their world. What should I try first? (They already gave me a discount code too: DELISH10. We can try this together if you let me know!

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