Chai for a Good Cause: Ziggi’s Coffee on 1/11/2024

ceramic cup of chai tea with cinnamon and star anise on linen fabric

I’ve not yet been to Ziggi’s Coffee, but Thursday might be my first time visiting. That’s because they’re raising money to fight human trafficking:

On January 11, 2024, Human Trafficking Awareness Day, Ziggi’s will donate $1 from every Chai purchased to CharlieJoe Chai. This contribution aims to fortify CharlieJoe Chai’s ongoing initiatives in supporting organizations dedicated to eradicating human trafficking.

QSR Magazine

If you’re in the DSM Metro, we have a Ziggi’s in Ankeny. They have three varieties of chai. I might buy one of each and just put what I can’t drink in my fridge for later. (They also have a frozen chai, but it’s gonna be ass cold in my city Thursday.)

Plus, I’d never heard of CharlieJoe Chai, so this is a win all around! (I’m a little nervous about misappropriation here, but they seem to do a lot of work to help others.)

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