Foodie 515: Des Moines Restaurant News, 1/22/24

Des Moines food, churros from Flame the Taqueria

Des Moines, 30 inches is enough.

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Des Moines Openings, Closings, and Such

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  • Book your Valentine’s dinner reservations now. Like right now. You might already be too late for some places. If you aren’t sure where to go, I’m always game to provide recommendations. I simply ask for a tip on Ko-fi in exchange!
  • Speaking of all things sexy fun time, we’re lacking a progressive adult store in the area, so if you’re looking for toys, may I recommend either Good Vibrations or Geeky Sex Toys? I vouch for both! If you use my link and this code, you can get 5% off from Geeky Sex Toys: wholedamnwoman5.
  • I’ve been asking for a few weeks if anyone knows of any Des Moines area Black-owned food businesses, and sadly, I’ve not gotten much response. This is my last call before I start the work. If you know of one, please let me know! You can email me, or you can simply comment below. I’m working on updating my list, and I want to make sure I’m getting everyone that I can before I release it. This list is imperative considering the increasing denials about America’s racist history, the erasure of DEI efforts, and the continued systemic racism in our government. Black businesses need more support than ever. It’s not a trendy thing. This is when the work is needed.
  • ICYMI: My piece on Le’s Chinese Bar-B-Que is now available at DSM Magazine! I also added some fun stuff about Le’s here.

WTF, Des Moines?

  • I have things to ask of my fellow diners:
    • Please do not post negative reviews or comments about a restaurant in its first month (ideally, the first three months) of being open. It takes time to get an operation running smoothly.
    • Always chat with an employee or a manager before posting a negative review. If you’re non-confrontational, try messaging them on social media. Let them have a chance to redeem themselves before you complain to the world.
    • Look up a restaurant’s prices before you visit.
    • Be kind to super-small businesses. If there’s, like, three people running the whole operation, don’t be a dick about how long it takes.
  • Don’t sleep on public libraries, y’all. DMPL recently did away with late fees. Please support them!
Des Moines Public Library, Central branch

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