Update: This Week’s Posts?

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Transcript (and a prime example of why I’m a writer, not a speaker)

Hello, everyone. I planned on having a blog post up for Monday and one for Friday. However, I had wrist surgery about a week ago and typing is, well, tricky. I do have the post typed up, but to revise it is difficult. I can do one-handed typing rather quickly. Don’t ask why I can. (I’m kidding.) But yeah, getting it done has been has been a challenge.

So, this is kinda the blog post for right now. Hopefully, I will have everything back on schedule next week. I get my stitches out next Wednesday. However, for carpal tunnel surgery, which is what I had on my left hand (which is my non-dominant hand, so that’s super helpful), but supposedly you’re not supposed to be able to type for like four weeks. And that’s just that’s just not gonna happen. I’ve learned very quickly that I think by typing, which is a strange I think very Gen X thing to do.

But anyway, this was just a quick note to say hello. This is my voice. The reason there is was no blog post on Monday is very simply because typing hurts. And yeah, hopefully I will be able to get that up Monday. But please give me a little grace. I will hopefully—I think I said hopefully like eight times—but I will get back on track real soon.

That was a lot of repetitive word vomit. But I think you get the point. Thank you.

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