Random Wrap: 8-25-2023, Pumpkin Spice Edition

Very Serious Food Holidays

  • Sunday, August 27: National Burger Day
    • As of 8/25, I’ve not seen any deals, but I’ll edit this post if I do!
    • Some confusion arises here, as there’s also National Hamburger Day in May and a National Cheeseburger Day in September. And a National Whataburger Day, which is bullshit because we don’t even have Whataburgers in Iowa, so it’s not national, now is it?
  • Pumpkin Spice Day . . .
    • isn’t until October.

Dates via Foodimentary

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Be Nice to Pumpkin Spice

I don’t respond well to hype. In fact, I dubbed myself a Professional Contrarian because if something gets too much hype, I want nothing to do with it. See every Jurassic Park movie (because I haven’t).

However, if the hype goes around the bend and gets backlash for being overhyped, I’m back in. This is my relationship with pumpkin spice. At first, I was all, “Ugh.” And now, I’m the basicest of basic bitches that ever basic bitched.

Here’s where you can get your pumpkin spice fix right now:
  • Beer: If you hate pumpkin spice creep, blame the beer companies. They’ve been at it since late July and the beginning of August.
  • Grocery: Like beer companies, grocery stores started early. Hubster saw pumpkin stuff at the end of July and bought these for me in the first week of August.
  • Dunkin: I tried to get a pumpkin spice signature latte and a pumpkin donut on Monday. I got pumpkin munchins because everything else was sold out. Maybe wait until everyone is sick of pumpkin spice for the season in mid-September.
  • Krispy Kreme: The pumpkin spice cake donut is worth it. The pumpkin spice cheesecake swirl? Sweeter than sugar dipped in cotton candy dipped in soda. I scraped the icing off.
  • Starbucks: As of yesterday, the 20-year old OG PSL is back. Twenty years. How the fuck have we been doing this for 20 years?
  • Caribou Coffee: Never once did I think to visit Caribou for pumpkin spice. That’s how off my radar they are.
  • 7-Eleven: I’ve heard overwhelmingly positive reviews of the offerings from 7-Eleven. Unfortunately, the closest to me is 160 miles away.

Next week’s wrap-up will feature a glance at how pumpkin spice might affect the body!

Have you ever done a body scan after your PSL?

Pumpkin spice latte with a jackolantern in the background

Pumpkin spice creep is my kind of creep.

Lovin’ on the 515

This section is for anyone in, near, visiting, or trapped in Des Moines, Iowa.

My Complete Ozempic Adventures

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Your Moment of Chaos

From Patrick Nathan (at patricknathan):

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