Period Tax Refund and Other Random Stuff

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Period Tax Refund

If you don’t know about the period tax, it’s a thing that shouldn’t exist. Even though menstrual products are an essential health item, several states still charge sales tax on the purchase of said products. My home state, Iowa, was one of those states until this year. Fortunately, some businesses are refunding folks for said tax. There’s a bit of a process and some caveats, but it’s worth looking into. Every penny matters these days.

We Call It “Communication”

My therapist once joked that there’s a catchy term for everything these days. I balked at that comment at first, but it turns out she’s right. Honestly, she’s right 99% of the time.

Anyway, here’s an example: Gretchen Buzzfeed trying to make fetch “anti-ghosting” happen. Um, who wants to tell Buzzfeed that “anti-ghosting” is just solid communication skills?

Spoopy Deals

The Takeout shared some October/Halloween month deals!

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Self-Compassion Struggles

Speaking of my therapist, I started self-compassion work a couple of years ago under her direction. I read Dr. Kristin Neff’s Self-Compassion (affiliate link), and I did the exercises in the book and website. One of the exercises is a quiz to see “how self-compassionate you are.” Back then, I scored a 2.5.

Well, I retook the quiz last week. I scored 2.34.

Isn’t that supposed to go up?! I guess to practice self-compassion, I’ll recognize I might’ve retaken it on an off day. (See? I’m learning, Therapist!)

Decluttering to Help Kiddos

I asked the owner of my favorite spa where I might donate finger nail polish, and she suggested I donate them to kids in hospitals. I’d never even thought about that, so I looked it up. One healthcare facility here has a wishlist for their children’s hospital. Honestly, this is pretty incredible, and I have all sorts of stuff I’ve wanted to get rid of but wasn’t sure where to take it. Thanks, friend, for the tip!

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