National Cookie Day: Frugal Food Finds Friday

National Cookie Day

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Heads up: “Throw Out Your Cantaloupe”

Extremely Serious Deals and Food Holidays: Accept These Cookies

A screenshot from Nothing Bundt Cakes' newsletter that reads, "Mark your calendars for Andes peppermint chocolate chip. Limited time only. Andes Peppermint Chocolate Chip is on Santa's sleigh, headed to our bakeries! Mark your calendars for Monday, December 4, to enjoy this Featured Flavor for a limited time, and let's reallllly get the holidays started."
A screenshot of Nothing Bundt Cake’s newsletter

Other Foodstuffs

  • I won’t eat at IHOP because I get sick every time, but I’m deeply amused by their Wonka menu.
  • My kind of baker . . .
  • Remember how I said eateries were going back to their value menus? Hell yeah, Arby’s! Unfortunately, it appears to be between now and Christmas only.
    • Speaking of cheaper food, let me be old for a moment. Throughout high school, I ate at Taco John’s damn near daily. I always got two softshell chicken tacos with sour cream. I’m fairly certain it was rarely more than $4. Well, earlier this week, I got that same order. Now, I’ll grant that it’s 27 years later (holy fuck, wut), but that very same order cost me $8.09. For two fucking tacos!
    • Last night, my BFF and I went to Olive Garden (her fave), and I got a (never-ending) bowl of zuppa toscana, which includes breadsticks. I had two bowls of that plus three breadsticks, and that was $10.69 WITH A 25% TIP. Y’all, never in my life did I think a meal at Olive Garden would be a better deal than fucking Taco John’s.
    • Food prices are so wibbly wobbly. I wish it wasn’t just inflation and corporate greed, but it really is.
  • When I tell you we are a cookie-loving household, I’m not joking. His family’s tradition is to make cut-out cookies every Christmas season. Though both of his parents have passed, Hubster carries on the tradition, and he’ll be baking some next weekend. Here’s just a sampling of some of the cookies that he has baked, with my crappy photography skills aside.

Randomness: Consume Books Like You Do Cookies

  • Hopefully, within the week, I’ll have a second erotic short story available on Literotica. Bookmark this page to see my stories!
  • If you enjoy anything on this blog, please consider buying me a chai!
  • What are you reading?
    • I finished the romance novel I’d been reading for the last couple of weeks, and upon the last words, I threw it on my table and said, “What a stupid book.” I won’t name it again because I’m not out to be a book reviewer nor do I want to break any author’s hearts, but damn, I’ve never seen so much fatphobia in a romance novel.
    • I started Janet Evanovich’s Back to the Bedroom last night. Reading this book is an exercise in studying a best-selling romance author’s style. The struggle, however, is that it’s a book from 1989.
      • When a male character suggests his female neighbor should’ve baked him a cake to welcome him to the neighborhood right after a helicopter part has crashed through her roof, I know I’m gonna be practicing the willing suspension of disbelief throughout the book.
    • Which book should I purchase next from my wishlist?
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