Is Losing Weight via Ozempic a Crime?


No one is required to lose or gain weight, and we certainly aren’t required to use or NOT use Ozempic. What you do with your body is your business, and how you gain, lose, or maintain your body size absolutely should not be up for debate, let alone tabloid fodder.

So, all of this nonsense can stop, and it can stop now.

First, there are the tabloids:

Then there are the personal narratives:

And then, we’ve got think pieces:

At what point do fat bodies stop being fodder for hateful, idiotic bullshit? It’s exhausting to go from weight stigma to Ozempic stigma. Stop subscribing to diet culture and mind your own bodies, folks.

*Page Six can go fuck itself, so I won’t link to them.

Ozempic usage discussed by Claudia Oshry in Page Six tabloid (screenshot)
I hate everything about this discussion.

Personally, I don’t know if I’d use this med or any diabetes drug exclusively for weight loss. It’s one of those things where, until people who need it have affordable access to it, no one else should be able to purchase it. I was prescribed Ozempic earlier this year for type 2 diabetes. I’ve been extremely fortunate in that I’ve never struggled to access it. The drug has always been available through my pharmacy, and I’ve had the financial ability to afford it. Note: I’ve afforded it with insurance, not the actual price. No way in hell I can afford one med every month that’s as much as rent for a one-bedroom apartment. So, no, I’m not eager to use something that is in such high demand if I don’t need it.

Moreover, the side effects of Ozempic can be a nightmare.

However, my personal decision has zero bearing on anyone else’s decisions for their bodies. This is something I can’t quite figure out why it matters to anyone else. Why is there now a moral debate about using this and similar meds, and if it’s so-called cheating? You know what’s cheating? Undermining established rules. You know what’s not an established rule? ANYTHING ABOUT WEIGHT AND WEIGHT LOSS.

There is no rule that says one must lose weight a certain way, and I certainly don’t know why people are talking about losing weight the “right way.” Is the “right way” eating less and moving more? Because I don’t know about you, but that hasn’t worked for the majority of people in, oh, ever.

Fucking leave people alone, man. There’s no way anyone should be using the words “revealing” and “tearfully” because someone else did something to their own body. Weight stigma in this society is intense enough. We didn’t need this nonsense on top of it.

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