Foodie 515: Des Moines Restaurant News, 3/18/24

Des Moines, the City Council special election is tomorrow! Don’t forget to vote!

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Des Moines Openings, Closings, and Such

Joyful Things

WTF, Des Moines?

  • The restriction of THC products in Iowa is on its way to our state senate. This impacts a lot of businesses, but it also has a negative impact on those seeking accessible pain relief. Plus, it’s just fucking backward.
  • Some days, I want to rename this section WTF, Iowa. So beyond sick of this state being the leader in shitty political legislation.
  • Two well-established eateries had 8 to 9 violations recently. One of those places is somewhere I keep hearing is amazing, but I’ve had less than stellar experiences there. Someday, I’m gonna understand why it’s so popular, but today is not that day.
    • The sheer prevalence of handwashing violations is making me twitchy.
  • Next week! Are you ready?

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