Foodie 515: Delicious Des Moines, 11/20/23

Redneck Nachos at Kue'd Smokehouse in a Des Moines suburb

Welcome to Foodie 515, where you can find delicious Des Moines food news!

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Des Moines Openings, Closings, and Such

  • Moxie Kitchen and Events is opening very soon. **steeples fingers** Soooon.
    • If you don’t know, Moxie is a community kitchen and event space owned and operated by Chef Jacob Schroeder of Crafted Food Services. Chef Jacob is an incredible human being who makes equally incredible food. If you’ve never tried any of his offerings, I recommend buying tickets to Plant Life Design’s Pizza Picnic. We’ve gone the last two years, and we have tickets for next year. It’s absolutely worth it.
    • Operating inside Moxie are, of course, Crafted and Nourished.
    • I’ll keep you updated if I see anyone else operate from Moxie.
  • Wasabi’s Johnston location is relocating to the space where Health House and Taste of New York Pizza were. Wasabi passed their inspection with zero violations, so it should be soon, but they’ve been very quiet about it on social media, from what I can tell.
  • Waffles and Whip will be operating out of the Culinary Annex in Valley Junction.
  • Per the Iowa Food Safety site, Di Jammin Grill looks to be returning to Kitchen Spaces, and a food truck called Mala’s Kitchen is now operating in Altoona, about which I can find nothing.
  • The Breakfast Club, owned by one of the Gusto guys, is opening a third location.
    • This one will be in Ankeny’s Prairie Trail. Because where else would it go?
    • I don’t patronize their establishments for personal reasons, but I know they’re popular, so I’m passing it along.
  • News from Wini Moranville’s weekly Substack:
  • A place in Baxter, Iowa just opened called That Juan Taco Place. The owner’s name is Juan, and he wins.
  • We originally had reservations at Oak Park for this week, but we opted out because the whole experience feels like a lot right now. We did reschedule for January. So, yes, you can still get reservations there.

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Recs! Recs! Recs!

  • My sister finally convinced my parents to let someone else do the cooking for Thanksgiving, so we’re having Kue’d Smokehouse do a bunch of the food. I am fucking excited! I love Kue’d. Thanks, sis!
  • Speaking of eateries in Waukee, Fresh Mediterranean Express had their inspection recently and had zero violations. They’re so friggin’ good! I like their kabobs and rose water lemonade (sharbat).

I’m running late for a thing, so that’s all for this week!

Love, chai, and donuts. Seeta Lee

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