Food Fights and Frugal Finds: Kinda Free Bagel

Free food: Kinda Free Bagel

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Food Holidays and Frugal Finds

Random Discounts for You!

  • I got a gorgeous purse from a small Scottish company called Maccessori, and I have a 20% off code. I’m maxed out on products that I’ll need from them for at least a year, so I’ll share it with you . . . this is NOT a sponsored thing; I just really like them: THANKMAC20
  • Loop Earplugs continue to be one of the most popular things I use. Y’all can get 15% off using my referral link!
  • Valentine’s Day is closer than I’d like to discuss, but if you’re looking for some fun toys, use the code wholedamnwoman5 for 5% off through this Geeky Sex Toys Link!

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