Things that Brought me Joy, Vol. 9: WTF Notebooks

I want to identify joyful things (ahem, WTF Notebooks) in my life because joy keeps me sane. For me, joy includes things that make me smile or laugh, as well as things that make me feel seen, appreciated, accomplished, present, and connected.

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The Joy of Reading to Your Spouse

The newest addition to My Therapist Told Me to Read This list comes from our couples counselor. Yes, we’re in couples counseling, and thanks to the unnecessary mental health stigma, I’m nervous to state that publicly. Our reasons are personal, and you’re free to speculate all you want. All I know is that it helps. No, we are not on the brink of divorce. Not even close.

We’ve been reading The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work during date days. We’re reading it out loud to one another. What felt like an arduous task that we’d avoided for months now has a fun, brain-prodding, conversation-starting, reflection-inducing vibe to it, and I couldn’t love it more!

This isn’t the first time we’ve read books to each other, and I have to say . . . it’s a thing we should all do more with all of our loved ones!

WTF Notebooks

Let’s not discuss my problem with paper and notebooks. Instead, let’s talk about my favorite notebook cover:

Joy: WTF Notebooks
From WTF Notebooks!

Honestly, when I first learned of WTF Notebooks, I was like COULD THERE BE A MORE ME COMPANY? Notebooks AND swearing? Yes. All the yes.

A month or so ago, I asked them if they had an affiliate program. They didn’t. But then they emailed me and said, “Hey, we have one now!” Y’all. Had this been available when I was teaching, it’d have been mine. And so many others. I’d have been fired.

Baseball Guys Being Baseball Hockey Guys

Hey, Chris, heeyyyyy. Depending on what the Cubs do with Morel this upcoming season, I might have to get me a jersey. A baseball jersey. Not a hockey one.

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