The Unparalleled Flotsam and Jetsam: Craving Quesadillas and Going AWOL(NATION)

quesadillas on a brown wooden board with sliced limes

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Timely Craving: Very Serious Food Holidays and News

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What I Was Craving This Week

  • The Chicago Cubs not tanking their own chances for the playoffs.
  • Reddit to be filled with fewer douchebags.
  • All the friggin’ salt and red meat.
  • Tacos. We’re going to a wedding tomorrow that has a taco bar. I’m excited, y’all. I mean, I’m excited for the wedding too, but TACO BAR.

Locally Craving the 515: For My Desmoinians

Casual Reviews

Thai Flavors: Ingersoll, Des Moines, Iowa

After ordering delivery from Thai Flavors on Ingersoll a few times, we finally went in. I’d call it solidly good. The interior is perfectly my style, with blacks, whites, deep blues, and metallics. I watched an employee harvest mint from the flora out front. Our server was wonderfully polite and maybe a little too quiet but so very sweet.

I’ll admit I was ravenous, but the food absolutely hit the spot. They had deep-fried spring rolls, and FRIENDS, they weren’t mushy! Been a minute since I’ve had any kind of fried roll that wasn’t gross inside. I was boring and got brown rice with sweet basil. I added an extra egg and omitted bell peppers. It absolutely hit the spot for me. Hubster ordered sesame chicken, and the breading on that was perfection.

Sprockets, Des Moines, Iowa

A place called Sprockets filled the space Gusto Pizza left, and I’ve been curious about it for months. On a whim, I went in for a solo lunch today, and I learned things.

  1. It is Black-owned making it one of the few, if not the only Black-owned eatery on Ingersoll.
  2. They serve breakfast longer than most places (2 p.m. instead of 10:30 a.m.).
  3. They have some of their breakfast items all day.
  4. Their breakfast flatbread made me quite happy. No, I will not compare it to Casey’s.
craving breakfast pizza


I know these aren’t great pics, but maybe Aaron Bruno just IS blurry. Credit to the late Mitch Hedberg for that joke. Anyway, this is a band (and a man) I’d follow around the country had I the time and money.

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