The Unparalleled Flotsam and Jetsam: 10/13/2023–Let Sugar Throw You for a Loop

happiness is a piece of cake close up photography

>>Wanna mute reality? Ask about Loop Earplugs below (affiliate link)!<<

Timely Craving: Very Serious Food Holidays and News

Other Food Deals

happiness is a piece of cake close up photography
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ICYMI and Other Cravings: Loop Earplugs

  • I. Want. One.
  • Companies funded by billion-dollar law firms have a lot of nerve to ask freelancers to work for free. No, I will not elaborate.
  • If you’re anti-Amazon Prime Day, here’s an alternative for books (affiliate link).
  • This week, Loop Earplugs got some high-profile media coverage, as they launched new products and updated old ones. I can’t say their popularity surprises me. In the brief time that I’ve owned a pair of Loop earplugs, several people have asked about them, and at least two purchased some. Hell, even I bought another pair last week.
    • My timing couldn’t have been worse because I didn’t realize they were launching new stuff the day after I made my purchase. Had I been paying attention, I would’ve held out for a pair of Switch.
    • Regardless, I’m excited about the new carrying case, and I may eventually purchase Switch. (contains affiliate links)
    • These are my Engage Plus, my first pair. The one on the left has Mute in, which gives you an extra bit of quiet. The middle is Mute outside the plug, and the right is Loop without Mute. Having Mute came in handy last night when the major roadway outside our bedroom window was under very loud construction. But that’s why my second pair of Loop are Quiet, specifically for sleep.
Don’t look too closely at my Loop earplugs. They need to be cleaned.

Locally Craving the 515: For My Desmoinians

Not a Craving: What’s Your Porn Name?

This is mine.

If you don’t know about Pie Bird Pies, you should.

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