Never Gonna Give You Up, Sugar

Is sugar evil? Nah, it’s delicious. That’s the problem.

On Fridays, I’ll share stuff I found useful, interesting, fucked up, or all of the above.

By the way, did you catch my post on Monday about body image?

My brain deeply struggles listening to podcasts, but I make room for Maintenance Phase. Hubster and I listened to this episode, and as I often do with Aubrey and Mike, I had an epiphany about sugar.

I was diagnosed with both severe sleep apnea and ADHD within the last two years. I’m also diabetic, which was diagnosed earlier this year after my A1C kept creeping up. With what I now know about these conditions, I wish I’d received different treatments before it all started. Instead, I’ve repeatedly been told to exercise and watch my diet.

I never questioned that medical advice. The media’s and medical industry’s portrayals of both ADHD and diabetes would have you believe I ate too much sugar throughout my life, so I assumed it was all correct. I’ve even uttered the phrase “addicted to sugar.”

However, this Maintenance Phase episode reinforced that I’m not an out-of-control sugar addict. Instead, I’ve likely been trying to chase a ADHD & sleep apnea-induced lack of dopamine.

Listen to this episode if you’ve ever questioned your relationship with sugar. I’m gonna go have some chocolate. Oh, and remind me to talk about eating sugar close to bedtime versus earlier in the day.

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