How to Accidentally Break Up with Instagram a.k.a. Oops

I’ve effectively, accidentally, and temporarily (I think) locked myself out of both Instagram accounts. This is a relief. I’m grateful for my own dumb.

After two weeks away from IG, I reactivated my personal account and was trying to make it as minimalist as possible by going private, unfollowing most accounts, and removing most followers. I’ve done this before, and IG sees it as an sign of a compromised account. But because I’ve done it before, IG’s bot is pissed at me.

The first time I unfollowed/removed a bunch of accounts at one time, I was restricted for 24 hours. The second time was 3 days. Last time, it was 10 days. But I still had most functionality.

Now, I can’t even look at my account without changing the password, and even if I do that, I’ll probably be blocked from doing anything for at least two weeks.

This is the opportunity I needed to really get the fuck away from IG.

See, I’d given my husband my passwords to nearly all of my social media and removed my access. I cheated to get into my personal account because I can’t be trusted to respect my own boundaries. But another post, another day.

To change my password, I need to know my old one. Am I going to ask for it? NOPE. That’s the whole point of giving them to Hubster.

So, if anyone saw my personal account pop up, then go quiet, that’s because I lost access in the middle of trying to be intentional about using it . . . by unintentionally misusing it.

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