Frugal Food Finds Friday: Soda or Pop?

woman reading book and drinking iced soda

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Extremely Serious Deals and Food Holidays: Pop v. Soda

Other Foodstuffs

  • Anyone who grew up never seeing their names on personalized bicycle license plates hates these promos. Congratulations to all of the Taylors, Britneys, and Jamies out there. Again. Shut up; I’m not bitter.
  • Nahbucks? I adore you. If you want to support anyone except Starbucks, visit Nahbucks.
  • I rarely drink normal sodas. I hate colas, and I’m bored with everything else. If I’m drinking something sugary and carbonated, it usually looks like this:
Soda or pop: Cherry spritzer from The Cheese Bar in Des Moines, Iowa
Soda or pop: Cherry spritzer from The Cheese Bar in Des Moines, Iowa

These Are For Reading, Not Eating

  • What books do you think everyone should read? Share in the comments below!
  • I’m aware “fooderies” is not a word.
  • I finished Janet Evanovich’s Back to the Bedroom, which I’d describe as odd but cute.
  • I’m three and a half chapters into Jennifer Weiner’s Good in Bed. I have an old copy, not the reissue. She’s . . . a detail-loving writer, which is admirable, but I’ve never been a huge fan of the style. I’m a firm believer that you can over-describe. That said, I’m intrigued by where the book is going. I’m always interested in fat characters. Representation matters!
  • I’ve got a ton of my writing in the wild, nearly all of it free. Please give something a read, and share it with your reader buddies!
  • If you’ve ever learned anything from this blog, I ask you to please buy me a chai!
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