For the Love of Sandwich: The Unparalleled Flotsam and Jetsam, 11/3/23

chicken sandwich

The sandwich is superior to nearly all foods! Don’t at me.

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☕ Who has the best eggnog latte? Lemme know in the comments, please! 👇🏽

Extremely and Very Serious Food Holidays: National Sandwich Day

Chicken sandwich
The best sandwich I ate in London at The King’s Arms

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ICYMI and Random Reads

The 515: For My Desmoinians

Analysis Paralysis Palace: Sandwich Choices

  • Substack or Patreon? Where do I want to put my fiction writings that I don’t try to get published? Which would you prefer?
  • I’m gonna rename this weekly blog feature, but I’m struggling for ideas. I want it to reflect what this feature actually does.
  • Why do I like Sixlets so much? They really aren’t that good. Is it just me?
  • What flavor of Triscuits are superior?
  • What’s your favorite sandwich? Mine is the chicken pesto melt from South Union Cafe in Des Moines. But if I go with a national chain, it’s the #12 Cancro Special at Jersey Mike’s.
  • A shirtless man has walked by my house three times in the last hour. It’s 45°F outside. I’m confused.

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