Foodie 515: Des Moines Restaurant News, 2/26/24

Des Moines Food News from Seeta Lee

Des Moines, it’s tourny time, which means a 50° drop in temps. Naturally.

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Des Moines Openings, Closings, and Such

Des Moines, Homegrown's sign going up
  • Bits and Bobs
    • The Register addresses Bauder’s uncertain future.
    • We noticed a place called Juanchorrey Tortilleria on the southside. It appears to have been open since July of last year, so that shows how infrequently I wander to the southside. Yikes, me.
    • 50¢ coffee?! I don’t even drink coffee that often, but I see you Egg Bistro.
    • Mr. Eggroll is closed until March 1st for remodeling. See WTF for some thoughts on that.
Des Moines, Mr. Eggroll closed until 3/1 for remodeling

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Recs! Recs! Recs!

  • Not Edible
  • Edible
    • Soup flight? Soup flight!
    • Doing Des Moines is creating a steak nights guide. If you have ideas, please tell them. Because I wanna know too.
    • Vibrant Coffeehouse, I learned last week, is definitely one of Des Moines’ better places for casual work meet-ups. I’ll be stopping in for their chai soon.

WTF, Des Moines?

  • In addition to closing in January, Mugsy’s Pizza House joins the ranks of businesses that haven’t paid their employees.
  • Honestly, I deeply appreciate these food safety reports from Clark Kauffman at Iowa Capital Dispatch.
  • Mr. Egg Roll has had two rough inspections in the last two years. It’s good to see them remodeling, and I hope it keeps that place going. I’ve never been there, admittedly. But it just seems too much of the Southside’s culture to watch it close.

Food Fights

  • What are your thoughts on restaurants passing fees onto customers? For instance, some places charge customers for credit card and takeout container fees. What do you think of that practice? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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