Foodie 515: Des Moines Restaurant News, 1/15/24

Des Moines Foodie 515

Des Moines on January 7th: We’ve had such little snow and such mild temps!


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Des Moines Openings, Closings, and Such

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Des Moines: This isn't a horror prop. It's where they chop up duck at Le's.

WTF, Des Moines?

  • While the main guy at El Guapo’s seems like a decent dude, I still have major issues with how Latinx culture is stereotyped at that establishment. Seeing a bunch of white folks dressed as mariachis with sugar skull makeup is gross to me. Of course, maybe I’m wrong. Maybe everyone in ownership is actually white-presenting but Latinx.
    • If that were the case, then their point of saying the restaurant is “Mexican inspired” rather than “Mexican” is curious.
    • It’s a lot like another restaurant that (mis)uses the culture of a historically excluded racial group as its theme. I promised them I’d stop talking about them, so I won’t name them.
    • The whole mindset is that they’re honoring those racial groups. It’s the same reasoning as sports teams named after Indigenous folks.
    • I don’t know that any of these groups asked to be honored in this way. In fact, I’m pretty sure Black folks—subject to the second restaurant’s “honor”—have simply asked to stop being murdered at police stops and such. But hey! Pancakes, tacos, and tequila in your honor, right?
    • Meanwhile, the leading Republican presidential candidate is saying that Latinx folks are “poisoning” America’s “blood.”
  • I will not be bothering with Maverik. Don’t kum in here with your humorless beigeness, kill our vibe, screw over social media specialists, and wipe out inclusive content.
  • Oh man. This ordeal with the owners of Ceviche Bar is UGLY. Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time I’ve heard complaints about the ownership.
  • I’ve never seen anything dumber than Fox News. Oh, sorry. I had more. I’ve never seen anything dumber than Fox News asking Bruce Gerleman anything.
  • I knew this was going to happen, but damn, Reddit. You don’t have to be so reliably racist.

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Des Moines, screenshot of El Guapo's images on Facebook
Source: Screenshot of El Guapo’s Facebook page

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