Foodie 515, 6/3/2024, Des Moines Food News (Moving to Substack!)

What are your favorite local eateries, Des Moines? Share in the comments! (I’m asking again because I’d love to see your answers!)

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Des Moines G3 for 6/3/2024

Openings, Closings, and Such

  • Closing
  • Now Open
    • It appears `85 Bar is now open in Waukee, according to Hubster who drove by yesterday. This is their second location. Go Bears.
  • And Such
    • Kartoffelsack, a German cuisine food truck, will be at the DTFM. Also, I just learned “kartoffelsack” means “potato sack.”

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Bits and Bobs

Some day, I’ll sell my own books at Bookshop, but in the meantime, peruse my reading recommendations, which include food reads!

WTF, Des Moines?

  • There is no faster way to put me off than questionable chicken. Hubster and I recently dined at a new, local place that has gotten a great deal of positive attention. The chicken in his dish was reheated, dry, and nearly inedible. I’d like to give the eatery a second try because the space is darling, and I like the business model, but it’s a tough one for me.
  • Project Rainbow of Iowa provides Pride flags throughout the month of June for a donation of $15. They’ll even place it for you!
    • We received ours, and I joked with my friends, “How long before it gets stolen?” The flag didn’t even last 24 hours. Sadly, whoever did it was out of our camera’s range, so we didn’t catch them.
    • However, Project Rainbow of Iowa generously replaced our flag, and we didn’t even donate more. We will, of course, but they also went above and beyond. I requested that the flag be placed closer to the house and in front of camera. Pardon the quality, but I’m happy to say it at least made it through the night.
    • Quick note to whoever stole the first flag: You clearly don’t know me. I’m about to double down.
Our pride flag still stands

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  • For June:
    • Gems: A place where you can eat breakfast on the weekends and not wait an hour
    • Guides: Celebrating Pride with my LGBTQ+-owned eateries guide
    • Goodies: This jam isn’t clear, thankfully, but it’s clearly delicious. Woof. The puns. Guess who I’m featuring in the comments! I might even giveaway something from them to paid subscribers!

Life in General

  • The best things I ate this week included:
    • Egg rolls from The Eggroll Ladies, which I can’t share a photo of yet, but trust me that they’re delicious.
    • Flame Cantina’s Mexican corn, which I didn’t take a photo of because I was decidedly off work.
      • When I tell you that Flame never disappoints, I mean it. I’ve been about a dozen times since last March, and I’ve never eaten a bad thing there. It’s astonishingly good.
    • The last time I left the house was Saturday. This has been a MUCH needed week at home. I’m fortunate in that I can usually clear my schedule when needed.
  • Re: Go Bears. I no longer watch the NFL. That being said, I was born a Bears fan, and I’ll always cheer them on. Even if they end up in the burbs.
  • For the sake of my everything, I’m experimenting with being on social media only once a week. Sadly, this means I’ll occasionally miss some restaurant news, but as this is primarily a project of love, I’m OK with that.
  • If you know me, you know I’m here for pumpkin pie M & Ms in May.
  • If any of you meet Charlie Cox this weekend, tell him he’s a beautiful human.

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