Food Trails: Like Bar Crawls but Less Drunk

Have you ever done a food trail? Jump into the comments and tell me which of these would you do?

I’m aiming for the A to Z Foodie Trail next year because it’s in my neck of the woods, and I’ve already been to several of the eateries!

Mini-Story about Food and an Ask

From writing food reviews in haiku form to creating and maintaining a food database to writing for DSM Magazine, I’m a longtime food lover and writer. I will travel several hours just to eat something specific. Sod, doing a food trail feels like a doable challenge. Except for the writing and sharing the adventure.

Most of my food work has been for fun and for free, but 1) it’s expensive, and 2) it’s time-consuming. I’d love to keep writing and sharing food content, but it’s not something I can do consistently without help.

One of my goals is to raise enough funds by next summer to do this kind of thing as an actual writing project. I’d rather not do a GoFundMe. That’s how America pays for medical bills. (That is an unfortunate reality, not a joke.)

If I can get to $500 a month on Patreon by the end of this year, that would be incredibly helpful! As Patreon is how this business is funded, your support is everything.

More Food? Here’s My Ask.

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It’s the best way to support projects you’ll love like finding out what Dutch Letters are, why they’re unquestionably on the A to Z Foodie Trail, and why they’re one of my all-time favorite pastries.

Picture of bakery case containing Dutch Letters and other foods
Dutch Letters! All the yummy baked food things!

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