Diet Culture Sucks: The Minnesota Starvation Experiment

Every single victim of diet culture needs to read about The Minnesota Starvation Experiment.

Of course, the reading comes with content warnings including calorie counting, weight loss, and starvation. Plus, the study was brutal, not to mention unethical and disturbing.

That being said, many of today’s diets and weight loss programs recommend caloric intake in the starvation range.

Anecdotally, I tried living on 1,500 calories a day, and I was fucking miserable. I binged something fierce when I couldn’t take it anymore, and I considered myself a failure. That’s how badly diet culture fucks with your head.

On to the resources . . .

I’ve picked three sources for the sake of varied perspectives and credibility:

What do you think about the experiment? Is it fair to compare it to today’s weight loss and diet culture? Open up the conversation in the comments!

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