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Making Money and No Bullshit: Why I Recommend Bravely Go

I can't say you'll be a smiling woman in a (hopefully) fur coat if you use Bravely Go's money coaching, but I can't not say it

I can't say you'll be a smiling woman in a (hopefully) fur coat if you use Bravely Go's money coaching, but I can't not say it. Photo by cottonbro studio on

Despite making less than $15,000 over the last three years, I started investing in the stock market and a high-yield savings account. I have Kara Perez from Bravely Go to thank for that! This is why I’m recommending her money coaching.

What I Learned from Bravely Go

I started following Bravely Go on Instagram several years ago at a friend’s recommendation. Since following Bravely, I’ve learned how to:

About that last one . . . Kara mentioned Wealthfront* as a good place to open a high-yield savings account. It so happens I was looking for one. When I opened my account, I was only putting in $50 a month, but I was able to deposit larger chunks thanks to some super weird circumstances. (Oh, how I wish I could tell you, but non-disparagement contracts and such.) Anyway, since opening my account in May 2023, I’ve earned $67.48 in interest!

Mind blown. I’ve never earned that much interest in a savings account. I wouldn’t have without Bravely Go’s suggestions and teachings.

A younger version of me doesn’t even understand how this is possible.

Bravely Go’s Money Coaching

Let me clarify by saying this is not an ad. Full disclosure: I could earn a referral bonus should anyone sign up for Bravely Go’s money coaching. However, I’d share this even if that weren’t the case. I genuinely like Kara!

As a former college educator, I love the way Kara explains shit. She makes personal finance and the sociology of economics accessible and relatable, which is why I hired her for coaching too. She’s taking applications for clients, so if you’re interested, now’s the time.

She was also cool enough to let me write a guest post on her blog! Anyone who hates diet culture and saving money will appreciate this:

Bravely Go puts financial education in the hands of feminists and focuses on using money in a sustainable way. I’ve known no one else who does that. For a long time in my head, personal finance was solidly in the grasps of old white dudes, and I never thought I’d understand some of the things Kara has taught me.

So, even if you’re not making a lot of money (like me), but still want to improve your financial life, I highly recommend following and hiring Bravely Go!

*Disclaimer: This is an affiliate link. If you choose to open a cash account with Wealthfront, we both earn an additional 0.5% APY on our accounts for three months.

My piggy bank is actually Toothless the Dragon, but still. Photo by maitree rimthong on
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