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Frugal Food Finds Friday: 11/17/2023, Happy Thanksgiving!

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I’m beyond ready for Thanksgiving! Why do you enjoy Thanksgiving?

Also, I’m a bit late. Yesterday was a rough mental health day, and with Thanksgiving next week, there’s just a lot going on for everyone. If you ever have bad brain days, know that you’re normal, you’re loved, and you’re not alone.

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👇🏽 What are the best fast-food deals you’re seeing? Comment below!👇🏽

Extremely Serious Deals and Food Holidays: Crickets before Thanksgiving

This is a light week for food deals. I suspect this is the lull between Veterans Day and Black Friday. That said, enjoy this knowledge for knowledge’s sake.

I don’t wanna leave you in the lurch, so know that you can get a free peppermint Frosty or peppermint Frosty cream cold brew by using the Wendy’s app.

Also, I see that fast food restaurants are finally capitalizing on inflation in a consumer-friendly way. Rather than continuing to jack up prices, more eateries are returning to cheap deals. Taco Bell brought back their $5 Cravings Box, for instance. So, what places have you seen reverting to affordable meals? Please share in the comments!

Speaking of Thanksgiving

If you’re not attending any Thanksgiving events or need food on the holiday, you might be wondering who’s open. The Takeout has you covered:

Note: If you live in central Iowa, you’re gonna struggle to find open grocery stores. Your options are Whole Foods and, possibly, Price Chopper. That’s it. You’re better off trying a convenience story. Except Hy-Vee’s Fast and Fresh locations. Those will all be closed too. Because Hy-Vee is the worst. I mean, yay for their employees, but Hy-Vee still sucks.

Our Thanksgiving almost never includes dance parties. Are we doing it wrong?
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Bonus Randomness: I’m Grateful for You!

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