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Hi there! *breaks into singing Peter Gabriel’s “Big Time”* Welcome to my About page!

My name is Seeta (pronounced C-tuh), and I like chai. Not chai tea. Chai. Don’t argue with me.

For twenty years, I taught college English, sociology, and student development. I was an adjunct instructor, meaning I was only part-time. Technically.

To make ends meet, I taught five to seven classes a semester at three different institutions. I once did eight in a semester and promptly had a breakdown. 0/10 do not recommend.

Truthfully, the reason I majored in English was not to teach; it was to write. Yet as an adjunct, I never had time to write. I also picked up editing work because why not. In short, I spent my days improving everyone else’s writing, but never doing anything with my own.

I never stopped telling my stories though. I just subjected my students to them.

After two decades of self-betrayal and a whole discriminatory, gross boss, I left the traditional classroom in late 2019 and left higher education entirely in mid-2020.

After a smidgen of local social media success writing food reviews, I started a business in July of 2020, named it Whole Damn Woman, and piggybacked off that small following. My offerings changed too often, but the core mission never left: I wanted to help others stop giving away parts of themselves to make others happy. Plus food. Because food.

As I learned to take back my own wholeness, I shared my experiences with my followers by telling my stories. I finally had the space to write. Sadly, in trying to grow the business, I self-betrayed again, so I closed Whole Damn Woman in October of 2023.

Let’s recap:

  • 20 years teaching experience
  • 3+ years running a business
  • 2 undergraduate degrees
  • 1 graduate degree
  • 1 graduate certificate
  • 0 published books

Writing is one of two passions I’ve had since I was 12 (the other is Chicago Cubs baseball). From spending a high school summer in my bedroom handwriting fanfiction about a professional wrestling character to getting my first piece of short erotica published at age 43, writing has been my constant.

I will honor that from now on. Probably.

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